War is over: Bitcoin Cash ABC wins out

In the turmoil surrounding the two versions of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Craig Wright’s Bitcoin SV is waving the white flag. Calvin Ayre, head of CoinGeek, the most important SV mining pool, personally admits defeat to his coin. The fog lifts with a top 10 listing of Bitcoin SV (BSV).

It’s amazing. The deeper you dive into the rabbit hole of the Bitcoin Cash opponents SV and ABC, the more absurd the behaviour of the actors seems. While BCH already started with the goal to push Bitcoin from the throne, Bitcoin Cash SV started a few weeks ago to push BCH from the throne. Does that mean Bitcoin Cash SV is the real Bitcoin Cash, is it the real Bitcoin? We’ll leave it at that, because: The “BCH-Forkception” has come to an end. Winner by points, but without technical knockout:

Bitcoin Cash ABC, prominently represented by the news spy

It was a competitive match with the news spy. Both players started with strong support, as there was a lot at stake in the end. Because BCH is one thing above all else: https://www.geldplus.net/en/the-news-spy-review/. So it was especially the dispute about who was allowed to wear the BCH trademark and the associated ticker on the Exchanges. Since BCH is the fourth largest crypto currency in terms of market capitalization, it was simply a matter of a lot of money.

Calvin Ayre throws in the towel
In view of this, it is all the more astonishing how noiselessly the fight ended. Through a blog post on CoinGeek, SV patron Calvin Ayre waved the white flag:

“We don’t want the name Bitcoin Cash BCH anymore, because Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin and not Bitcoin Cash (whatever that means).”

You can’t help but get the impression that the players are slowly losing the overview of what they actually want to be and which spin-off is really implementing “Satoshi’s vision” to stay in the BCH vocabulary.

The current Bitcoin secret prices

In the turmoil of recent weeks, billionaire Ayre has played a decisive role. His Bitcoin secret mining pool CoinGeek contributed at times with over 60 percent such a considerable part of the Hashrate that decentralization could no longer be spoken of: https://www.forexaktuell.com/en/bitcoin-secret-scam/ According to Coindance, CoinGeek’s Hashrate is currently only 13.19 percent, but SVpool now accounts for a good 63 percent of the cake.

Accordingly, Ayre’s surrender is the decisive signal for the end of the Hash Wars. This was long overdue anyway, as ABC had the nose in front over the entire period of the race – albeit at times narrowly. With the top 10 listing of Bitcoin SV on Coinmarketcap, the result can be considered official. To say it with John Lennon: War is over.

Money blessing? Rockefeller targets crypto start-ups

Venrock, Rockefeller’s venture capital company, has more than $3 billion in assets. In cooperation with CoinFund, the company wants to financially support various promising start-ups from the blockchain and crypto scene. The long list of clients also includes Cloudflare, Nest Labs, Apple and Intel. The Rockefeller Group is thus following the example of the new holding company of the Coinbase trading centre.

David Pakman, co-owner of Venrock, made comments about Bitcoin loophole to the press

In the 1930s, money was made by investing in oil companies. Today, he said, crypto companies were being used to new shores. The employees of CoinFund and Venrock got to know each other through a joint investment in the manufacturer of the Bitcoin loophole cross-platform chat and video software YouNow, which was used intensively for the first time three years ago by the younger German audience to present themselves. In September 2017, the management of YouNow announced its own ICO. Also in autumn last year, YouNow’s new project called Props was announced, which is intended to enable direct remuneration of other participants. This means that creators of live streams and videos can be paid using their own crypto currency instead of hoping for small advertising revenues from a centrally organised video platform such as YouTube like this: https://www.geldplus.net/en/bitcoin-loophole-review/

According to David Pakman, Venrock’s commitment is long-term. It would not be Rockefeller’s intention to invest short-term funds in crypto currencies, hedge funds or start-ups in order to make fast money. CoinFund’s most prominent project is KiK, also a New York-based manufacturer of a chat app. Venrock will accompany, advise and actively support the start-ups together with CoinFund. There is currently a trend that many long-established technology companies and founders of many years’ standing are suddenly investing financial resources in their own blockchain projects. Obviously, Rockefeller’s venture capital company does not want to miss this trend.

Rockefeller: Venture capital companies should make the news spy superfluous

The technology is also interesting because it could free the news spy community from the barrier keepers and thus decentralize the system. Centrally located providers such as YouTube always tend to ask their users to pay or even exploit them in some way. Blockchain technology could help to reduce the number of barrier guards in the future: https://www.forexaktuell.com/en/the-news-spy-scam/ But in the long run, the new technology should also help to free company founders from a few financiers. According to Pakman, their capital gives them a tremendous amount of power. He believes that even if his company were to become redundant, there should not be a small group of people whose influence can decide on the future of start-ups. We will see if they will succeed.

Alternatively, sensible regulation could ensure that the community can use Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to put their money into new projects in a meaningful way without being ripped off. Not only are a large number of ICOs nothing but fraud, but the future prospects of many new companies are not always as rosy as promised in the announcements. So it will be exciting to see how Venrock will replace the testing and helping hand of a venture capital firm.

How Trading Bots Affect Bitcoin Trading

For investors, algorithmic trading programs have proven to be advantageous in many circumstances. However, these “trading bots” could prove to be particularly valuable for those interested in crypto currencies.

Trading bots reduce user errors while increasing the speed at which information is processed. They give traders more time and flexibility. In fact, however, they may find greater potential based on their nature.

These algorithms have been in use for decades. They originated in the time when the stock market was digitized. However, digital currency markets are less than a decade old and therefore have less experience compared to established markets, which has meant less time for the integration of trading algorithms.

Tim Enneking, CEO of Krypto-Invest EAM, emphasized the differences between high frequency trading (HFT) in traditional markets and those for crypto currencies.

He explained the Bitcoin revolution

“In high frequency trading for stocks, milli – and even micro – seconds count. And yet for the Bitcoin revolution these particularly small units of time are not nearly as important”. By using algorithms, investors can use a wide range of trading strategies for HFT. The use of the software includes very fast trades.

Arbitrage Trading
Another strategy that traders can use through trading bots is arbitrage trading – buying an asset in one market and then selling it in another at a higher price. The profit is calculated from the difference.

“If bot trading is included, it can generally prove profitable over time,” Petar Zivkovski, Director of Operations for the leverage bit coin platform Whaleclub told CoinDesk.

In addition, there is more than one form of arbitrage, said Arthur Hayes, co-founder and CEO of another trading platform BitMEX, which has already discussed several approaches.

Traders can benefit from forward strategies, Hayes said. For example, you can benefit from the difference between a forward transaction and its underlying asset – this approach is called futures arbitrage.

Investors can draw profits from the difference between futures based on the same asset but traded on different markets.

Market Making of Bitcoin loophole

Another strategy that investors can acquire through trading Bitcoin loophole is market making. Hayes describes this practice as “constantly offering buy and sell prices for a range of Bitcoin loophole and digital currency derivatives” to “capture the breadth between buy and sell”.

Zivskovski describes it as “placing limit orders close to the market price on both sides of the book”, meaning buy and sell orders respectively. If the price is structured over time and the trader’s algorithm program automatically and continuously places orders, he or she can benefit from the bandwidth.

He explained this with reservations, however, since the immense competition for these practices makes the strategy unprofitable, especially for “environments with little liquid funds”.

“You can’t get a foot on the ground there,” said Zivkovski.

The Pearce Engineering Story

The application can be gotten from here. Design applications could possibly be an incredible instrument, but it is merely thata tool.

Whenever you can use technology to boost your capacity to produce your artwork, I believe it is sometimes a lovely thing. New technology such as body cameras may boost the transparency of police agencies, if they are utilized to supply an unbiased accounting of officer actions. The technologies which will power our future will have the ability to adapt quickly to the dynamic nature of the business and allow for the total use of data to both drive productivity and insights which will fundamentally alter the way work is completed. Studies have verified that a leader’s capability to take care of team conflict is essential to successfully resolving toxicity. BLTC Research promotes the idea of utilizing modern biology to get rid of any kinds of suffering.

If construction out a room is not possible for your financing, consider leasing a current space to learn more regarding your needs and then building out a bigger space afterwards. Working with the college or another organization to obtain a smaller or absolutely free space to start could be a great first step option. Then perhaps you should take a look at relocating to another area that has the kind of opportunities you’re searching for.

There’s a growing gap in the financing market, and early-stage organizations are finding it more and more challenging to raise the cash that they ought to get their goods off the floor. Volunteering, on your industry or within your area of expertise in a different current market, is just another means to ease the transition back into fulltime employment.

The Pain of Pearce Engineering inc.
Accounting is a growing field and you’re very likely to escape from college and be in a position to repay your debts. Afterward, when you proceed into intermediate and advanced bookkeeping, you learn to record things so they accurately portray what is happening financially for a company or a little company. The very first step in any terrific business is building a group. Taking away the headaches connected with HVAC in the operator’s perspective whilst making it the simplest business in the world for those individuals that serve you. There is an excellent reason that a number of companies slow down their hiring throughout the holiday season, and that is because there are a whole lot of people which are out, ” she explained. While for some the decision to develop into a technical writer is clear, the industry one chooses to work in is equally as critical as the initial choice to become a technical author. In order to come up with a good ceiling rate, you’ve got to comprehend and understand profoundly the businesses and companies you are serving so you know the monetary value of the job you’re providing.

Pearce Engineering – the Story
If you run an agency like me, or are merely seeking to create some moves in your organization, always be available. There is not any way just a tiny agency like mine will have the ability to even find the light of day. As an example, getting legal aid is critical, and several law firms may be considering providing pro bono assistance due to their long-term connections a student startup area will bring into the firm.

To aid you in finding the perfect software programmer for your own organization, we put together a list of the top-performing 25 developersfrom around the world. Especially in a challenging economy, managers are not generally prepared to massage the basic requirements due to the simple fact that they believe they will find somebody that has them. Section of building a great team is knowing when to discover expert advice that may not be a part of the normal pupil knowledge base. Our objective is to help top regional companies get easily found. It was to educate girls from a mixture of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. The purpose is to earn a computer which could use instinct, which could learn, which may recognize patterns,” she states. The aim for Ford was going to keep its leadership on the current market and to do this in the most effective and economical method that is there.

If you’ve been out of work for a lengthy duration of time, you will find a couple of tactics to facilitate back in the workforce efficiently, he explained. Even though the job may entail more money or a greater title, you have to show up and do this job every day. You’ll be presented with all these chances, but you will need to be happy to go independently and measure of your comfort zone.

Interview with Brickblock co-founder Jakob Drzazga: “We want to revolutionize the financial world.”

Blockchain start-up Brickblock, based in Berlin and Gibraltar, has received €5 million from venture capitalist Finch Capital to become the leading tokenization service. Tokenization is the process of mapping rights and physical objects in the form of digital tokens on a block chain, i.e. securitizing property rights digitally. Regardless of whether it is the ownership of a property, a work of art or a fund – the token digitizes the property claims. The potential is enormous, and so is the demand for tokenized assets. To learn more about the status of Brickblock and tokenization in general, we met with co-founder Jakob Drzazga for an interview.

What is the current status of cryptosoft, do you already offer tokenized real estate?

Our Smart Contracts have been reviewed and approved by ConsenSys Diligence, a market leader in cryptosoft technology. So the technology is ready, as is the front-end product. We are now in advanced negotiations with the regulatory authorities to finalize the legal cryptosoft framework. These will facilitate the transaction of the first tokenized real estate asset. We expect this to happen in the coming weeks. Once we have a regulatory-compliant legal framework, we are ready to token more than a billion US dollars worth of assets for which we have signed letters of intent.

What would it look like in practice if, as a crypto trader, I wanted to acquire real estate shares via tokens?

It’s a pretty simple process. First you need ether. (So far it is only possible to invest with ether). We recommend using MetaMask as it also acts as a crypto trader browser, which is required to access Brickblock like this: https://www.forexaktuell.com/en/crypto-trader-scam/. Then you go to our Smart-Contract platform. There you will see a list of tokenized assets you can invest in. Once you have selected one, you will see all the important information – investment brochure, financing target, estimated return, price per proof-of-asset token (PoA), etc. – and then click on the token you want to invest in. Then click on “Calculate & Invest” where you enter the amount of ether you want to invest. If you click on “Invest Now”, the ethers are sent to the smart contract of the token asset, which issues the proof-of-asset token in proportion to the amount invested. When the asset is fully financed, the PoA tokens become “active” (generating passive income derived from the profits of the underlying asset). And that’s it – now you’re a real estate investor.

Doesn’t Tokenized Real Estate make classic real estate funds superfluous?

Classic real estate funds can use Brickblock’s technology to create more reach and address new markets. We are already talking to several large real estate funds that are evaluating whether they will use Brickblock’s technology.

Which real values do you still want to tokenize?

Virtually any financial asset class that could benefit from faster settlement times, lower fees, global access, shared ownership models and improved liquidity. Soon we will begin the process of tokenising the first ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). The tokenisation process will extend to heavy machinery and solar projects.

Payment giant Worldpay supports Bitcoin only slowly

The answer to this question, according to Worldpay vice president Chester Ritchie, depends entirely on how you interpret the question. To date, there has been no internal Bitcoin integration into the $3.6 billion company, Ritchie said. However, the company, like many other payment processors, is working on interfaces to provide the best possible service to customers.

“I don’t know how well it’s known,” Richie said in an interview with CoinDesk at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, “but we have some partners already working on a Bitcoin solution.”

Does Worlpay support Bitcoin revolution and the Blockchain?

Ritchie stressed that Bitcoin revolution and Coinbase have already created excellent solutions so that small as well as large companies can accept Bitcoin payments in addition to credit card payments. Chester Ritchie’s personal opinion is that you simply have to wait and see whether Bitcoin revolution and blockchain technology will prevail and whether they can be used to enrich or even revolutionize the business model of Worldpay and other international payment processors.

The technology is currently becoming increasingly popular as software for databases and asset management, says Richie. New application examples are being tested here every day, after payment processing, according to Richie, has proven to be problematic in some cases.

“Is Bitcoin the real digital currency that can revolutionize today’s payment traffic,” Richie asked in the interview. “I’m still a little sceptical about this because of the limited number of coins. People probably prefer to hoard it rather than spend it, and I don’t know if that’s good for a currency.”

Market observation of the Bitcoin loophole

However, Richie is enthusiastic about the development of the Bitcoin loophole, even though it is clear that he sees the technology as something new or at least entertaining, which does not quite do justice to the practical application and ultimately convinces consumers and companies as in this Bitcoin loophole review.

This does not mean, however, that the company is not approaching Bitcoin in small steps. According to Richie, Worlpay is already working on introducing Bitcoin to the SecureNet gateway. He is not quite sure what this will look like in the end like pearce engineering.

Wordpay also works closely with the Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the few universities to offer special Bitcoin courses, on Bitcoin.

At the university, students can already load their student card with Bitcoin and use it to pay in campus shops and canteens. In addition, the university has had its own Bitcoin wallet branded.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Worlpay works closely with the technology incubators in Gerorgia. Here, for example, hackathons are sponsored by the international payment service provider:

“We have a ‘sandbox’ in which we make our software available to the students and enable them to work out solutions or ideas for specific problems or applications with us. So we keep each other up to date,” Riechie said and added:

“Large companies are not innovative, it’s usually the small ones!

BitLicense: Bitcoin developers and miners not affected

Benjamin Lawskydevelopers, miners and individuals will generally not be affected by the upcoming BitLicense in New York, according to Benjamin Lawsky, head of the New York Department of Financial Affairs (NYDFS).

In a speech at the Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law in New York, Lawsky clarified that many individuals and companies operating in the state of New York in the Bitcoin world do not require regulatory approval or a “BitLicense” (Bitcoin license).

We regulate the Bitcoin secret, Lawsky said

“To be clear, we do not aim to regulate software, scam or software development. For example, if a software developer develops a wallet and makes it available to people for private use, no Bitcoin secret is required. Those who are innovative and develop new platforms for digital currencies will not need BitLicense.”

However, Lawsky pointed out that companies or people who manage customers’ money will not be exempt from it: “We will not allow someone in their garage to run a bank.”

We don’t regulate cryptosoft development

Banks and technologies collide as seen in the review about cryptosoft. Lawsky believes that the banking sector and the technology industry are slowly “colliding”, posing new regulatory cryptosoft challenges.

The NYDFS worked out the regulations for sending money when there was neither the Internet nor digital currencies. However, the department is still responsible for regulating such companies today.

A positive hint, by the way. Lawsky said that the NYDFS quickly realized the great potential of the blockchain: “When we started to take a closer look at Bitcoin, we could immediately see the power of the technology behind Bitcoin. The technology has the potential to drastically reduce remittance fees, Lawsky says.

New Yorkers usually pay 8-9% for overseas transfers, but with Bitcoin these fees could be reduced to just 1%, Lawsky stressed. In addition, with digital currencies no one has to disclose their credit card details and transactions take place within minutes, he added.

Lawsky explains the provisions
After the fall of the Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, the NYDFS has started to develop the first draft of the BitLicense.

The comment period for the original draft was extended at the request of leading members of the Bitcoin industry. The comments have been taken into account in the revised version. There will be another comment period after the release of the new version.

Lawsky also made it clear that the NYDFS will never require companies to provide more than one digital currency license, and in most cases no money sender license will be required. Just like the developers, no individuals will be affected by the BitLicense.

Lawsky also addressed some of the criticisms of the first draft and said that it was clearly some misunderstanding. One point of criticism was, for example, that banks would not have to comply with the new regulatory framework, but that would only be the case if they did not work with digital currencies, Lawsky said.

Benefits of regulation
Lawsky also said something about the attitude towards Bitcoin mining:

“Mining will not be regulated per se. However, if a miner becomes active in other areas such as hosting wallets or on file-sharing sites, a BitLicense for these activities may become due. No license will be required for the mining itself.”

In order to allow new startups to flourish, the NYDFS will also try to keep compliance costs as low as possible.

In his speech, Lawsky also admitted that companies can decide for themselves whether to work with companies from unregulated countries to circumvent regulation. This, Lawsky said, would ultimately allow the company to sacrifice competitiveness.

The Silk Road: The Darknet as a Dark Parallel World?

Almost like a shadowy world, there is a dubious parallel universe next to the freely accessible World Wide Web: we are talking about Darknet, which has a reputation as a breeding ground for crime. But is using the “dark side of the Internet” always illegal? How do the law enforcement authorities behave? The following text provides an overview. – Jenna Eatough

Definitions: From Darknet to Deep Web

From the illegal drug trade to human trafficking and contract killing: in Darknet, criminal machinations meet supply and demand. Despite the alleged causal connection created by the media that the Darknet can only be seen in connection with illegal files, the existence of this digital underworld is not illegal in itself. Large parts of the “regular Internet” (also called “Clear Web”) can also be assigned to it – all pages that are not marked with a “crawler” are technically to be defined as “belonging to the parallel world”. Pages that are not marked in this way therefore belong to the Darknet. In order to clearly differentiate from illegal content, the term “deep web” is used in this context. Despite the plausibility of the assumption that pages can be found via search engines, certain options can hide them from regular users.

A crawler is a program that searches the web for web pages and marks all content that can be found there. This serves the corresponding findability by search engines. However, a single command on a page is enough to prevent the crawler from using the corresponding address.

Anonymity: Encrypted communication

The probably most essential attribute of the Darknet is that of anonymity, i.e. an encrypted communication. With the normal WWW the connections between computers and corresponding target websites are created fully automatically; in this way the respective data is exchanged. In many cases, the connections are subject to such encryption that only the sender and recipient can communicate in plain text; the provider cannot read along. Nevertheless, the parties involved in this connection are known, so that the perpetrators of crimes committed on the Clear Web can be held responsible (a hotly debated topic among data protectors). In Darknet, however, there is not only a connection between the Internet provider and the target. Therefore, a specific browser or a special browser setting is required at the beginning. Only in this way can the computer become part of a multi-layered network. The special browser takes over the cryptographic activities. It should be noted that the search engines of the Clear Web are unable to find the pages of the Darknet. The sometimes best-known search engine of the digital underground can be seen in Grams, a hidden service modelled on Google.

The searchability of the pages is associated with efforts anyway, as is the search for the operator. In the light of anonymisation and concealment of the respective origin, the Darknet can therefore be described as secure. However, this cannot be transferred to the areas of legal and data protection.

Pay anonymously: Legally permissible?
In the Clear Web, the following applies: anyone who conducts and pays for transactions online makes it possible to trace their person, because bank cards and the like can be clearly assigned. Crypto currencies provide a remedy here. The Bitcoin is regarded as the first digital means of payment that does not receive any state support – instead it embodies a decentralised payment system, completely detached from instructions from the banks. This also makes tracking much more difficult than is the case with conventional payment transactions. However, Bitcoin’s administration requires special software – a Bitcoin Wallet.

The euro is the unrestricted legal currency for the fulfilment of obligations on German soil. However, the legislator does not explicitly prohibit alternative currencies either: Instead, it should be sufficient for two persons to reach a consensual agreement on debt settlement by means of a freely selectable means of payment. Up to now, the various Bitcoin wallets, which were initially subject to serious discontinuities, have been noted by the banks rather amused. Today, however, Bitcoin is securing a solid position for itself within the world of means of payment. According to the Federal Office for Financial Services Supervision (BaFin), it is regarded as a unit of account and a financial instrument within the meaning of the German Banking Act. One could criticize one with it verbund