10 percent of all Bitcoins untouched for 10 years

22. Oktober 2020 Aus Von admin

About 1.8 million Bitcoin have been dormant for over 10 years.

A large part of Bitcoin’s (BTC) total supply has not moved for more than 10 years, according to data from the cryptographic currency analysis website Glassnode.

In those 10 years, 1.8 million Bitcoin (out of the current total of 18.5 million) was held in dormant Bitcoin addresses. According to Coin360, the value of these coins at the time of going to press is over $23 billion.

Dormant BTC for over 10 years. Source: Glassnode
Most of these coins may belong to the Bitcoin Bank mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, who simply disappeared from the community in 2011. Nakamoto may own over 1 million of these previously untouched coins, which are said to be lost forever.

Although so many have been dormant for a long time now, some previously unreleased Bitcoins were moved for the first time in May. A wallet of coins that had been on it since February 2009 suddenly sent 50 BTCs to two different addresses without warning or explanation. The block chain community has three guesses: These coins could belong to the family of the late cryptographer Hal Finney, the early developer Martti Malmi or possibly Satoshi Nakamoto himself. These speculations have been denied by the respective parties. Except of course by Nakamoto, who remains unidentified.