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YGG Raises $13.8M in Token Sale Round Led by A16Z Crypto

• YGG raised $13.8 million in a token sale round led by A16Z Crypto and DWF Labs. • The funds would be used to accelerate the development of its soulbound reputation token (SBT). • SBT tokens will reward creators for completing selected tasks or quests within the YGG ecosystem. YGG Raises $13.8 Million Yield Guild…

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Marathon Digital Sets Record BTC Production in January

• Marathon Digital Holdings Inc sold 1,500 bitcoin last month while mining a record 687 BTC. • Wall Street has an average price target of a little under $12 for shares of Marathon stock. • The company plans to continue selling bitcoin in order to cover operational costs. Marathon Digital Produces Record Number of Bitcoin…

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Polkadot Merges XCM to Connect Different Consensus Systems

• XCM version 3 is now deployed, which was 15 months in development. • XCM works across chains, smart contracts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and supports communication between networks with different consensus mechanisms. • XCM design offers instructions on how to compose, send, and interpret messages across chains. On Tuesday, 17 January 2023, the Polkadot…

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