Ethereum 2.0 is making great strides – $ 3 billion in ETH soon to be raised for historic launch!

21. Januar 2021 Aus Von admin

Ethereum 2.0 is moving slowly, but surely – Almost 2 months after its launch, Ethereum 2.0’s beacon chain continues to attract new validators. This is a total of 2% of all ETH that has been deposited into the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract.

2.1 million ETH deposited

Since its launch, Ethereum 2.0’s beacon chain has shown iron health with 65,807 active validators . The latter have deposited a total of 2.1 million ETH on the contract intended for this purpose, or $ 3.8 billion blocked on the network.

This 2.1 million ETH actually represents 2% of the total ETH supply in circulation. Although this number may appear to be significant, it is actually much lower than those recorded by other blockchains.

Indeed, Polkadot has, for example, 60% of its tokens dedicated to staking , a figure that goes up to 90% for Tezos

Obviously, this figure is still a little timid since Ethereum 1.0 still coexists with its V2. With the massive migration expected to take place when the network is finally launched, the prince of cryptos is expected to make more noise.