GALA Crypto Price Surges 250%: Mobile Gaming, The Rock Deal and Meow NFT Match Drive Gains

18. Januar 2023 Aus Von admin

• GALA crypto price has surged by over 250% from the lowest point in December.
• The surge is attributed to the announcement of a deal with The Rock to produce two films, the introduction of mobile gaming and the new pay by burn approach.
• The developers are working on the Meow NFT Match.

The GALA crypto price has been on a strong bullish trend in recent months, with the token surging to a high of $0.054. This is an increase of over 250% from the lowest point in December, making it one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in the industry.

The surge in GALA’s price is attributed to several developments in the network. Firstly, GALA developers announced a deal with The Rock to produce two films. Although the tweet was later deleted, the news had already been spread and generated significant interest in the GALA token. The Rock is one of the most well-known actors in the industry and his involvement in the project has generated a lot of attention.

Secondly, GALA developers have also announced that they are incorporating mobile gaming into their ecosystem. This will allow developers to create games that can be downloaded from Android and iOS stores. This is a positive development as it means that GALA will have access to the more than 5 billion smartphone users around the world.

Finally, the developers have also introduced a pay by burn approach. All purchases made in the GALA ecosystem using the GALA token will see it get burned. Burned tokens will be added to an emissions pool that will be redistributed to GALA holders. This has further increased the demand for GALA tokens, as investors seek to capitalize on the opportunity.

The developers are also working on the Meow NFT Match. This is an online gaming platform that will allow players to trade various collectibles and in-game items. It is expected to be a major component of the GALA ecosystem and will drive the token price further.

Overall, GALA’s strong performance in the past few months is a testament to the hard work of the developers. With the new developments in the network, GALA is likely to continue its strong performance in the coming months.