War is over: Bitcoin Cash ABC wins out

In the turmoil surrounding the two versions of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Craig Wright’s Bitcoin SV is waving the white flag. Calvin Ayre, head of CoinGeek, the most important SV mining pool, personally admits defeat to his coin. The fog lifts with a top 10 listing of Bitcoin SV (BSV).

It’s amazing. The deeper you dive into the rabbit hole of the Bitcoin Cash opponents SV and ABC, the more absurd the behaviour of the actors seems. While BCH already started with the goal to push Bitcoin from the throne, Bitcoin Cash SV started a few weeks ago to push BCH from the throne. Does that mean Bitcoin Cash SV is the real Bitcoin Cash, is it the real Bitcoin? We’ll leave it at that, because: The „BCH-Forkception“ has come to an end. Winner by points, but without technical knockout:

Bitcoin Cash ABC, prominently represented by the news spy

It was a competitive match with the news spy. Both players started with strong support, as there was a lot at stake in the end. Because BCH is one thing above all else: https://www.geldplus.net/en/the-news-spy-review/. So it was especially the dispute about who was allowed to wear the BCH trademark and the associated ticker on the Exchanges. Since BCH is the fourth largest crypto currency in terms of market capitalization, it was simply a matter of a lot of money.

Calvin Ayre throws in the towel
In view of this, it is all the more astonishing how noiselessly the fight ended. Through a blog post on CoinGeek, SV patron Calvin Ayre waved the white flag:

„We don’t want the name Bitcoin Cash BCH anymore, because Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin and not Bitcoin Cash (whatever that means).“

You can’t help but get the impression that the players are slowly losing the overview of what they actually want to be and which spin-off is really implementing „Satoshi’s vision“ to stay in the BCH vocabulary.

The current Bitcoin secret prices

In the turmoil of recent weeks, billionaire Ayre has played a decisive role. His Bitcoin secret mining pool CoinGeek contributed at times with over 60 percent such a considerable part of the Hashrate that decentralization could no longer be spoken of: https://www.forexaktuell.com/en/bitcoin-secret-scam/ According to Coindance, CoinGeek’s Hashrate is currently only 13.19 percent, but SVpool now accounts for a good 63 percent of the cake.

Accordingly, Ayre’s surrender is the decisive signal for the end of the Hash Wars. This was long overdue anyway, as ABC had the nose in front over the entire period of the race – albeit at times narrowly. With the top 10 listing of Bitcoin SV on Coinmarketcap, the result can be considered official. To say it with John Lennon: War is over.